Lake Ledro is rich in fish like fario trouts, rainbow trouts, marmorata trouts, perches, carps, tenches, pikes and whitefishes.

You can easily buy the permits for fishing in Lake Ledro by the Tourist Information Office in Pieve di Ledro or in other shops or cafés. Regular permission and local law information are needed for those who wants to fish in Lake Ledro.

The permit costs

One day: € 8,00

Pone week: € 20,00


CHILDREN: until 14 years old they can only fish with an adult who has a licence. Over 14 years old, those without a fishing licence have to buy a turistic licence in the offices.

CARP FISHING: is allowed with regular permit during the night from 1 July to 30 September.

For more information and to purchase the permit: