Cà mea Dina


In our Wellness area you find the ideal spot for recharging your batteries for everyday and spend pleasant moments with yourself.


The best heat for your health.

Enabled via the Physiotherm principle. The Physiotherm principle uses innovative approaches to infrared technology to apply heat very gently, efficiently and safely. The two most important components are the patented ceramic radiator filled with lava sand and our low-temperature infrared technology.

Our natural herbs

The herbs are put on a stove in a separate container, the humidity in the cabin increases and radiates a pleasant aroma it is a real cure for the skin for both joints.



with natural flavors awaken your metabolism, help the detoxification process and at the same time, treating skin and respiratory system.
To fully enjoy the benefits of this sauna is recommended:

  • Take a shower and dry well before entering the sauna
  • Inside not forget to always sit or lie on a towel
  • A session of 10 - 15 minutes sweating beneficially
  • Take a revitalizing shower jet shower or bath with jet side
  • Rest and relaxation in our cousy relax chair and meanwhile you get a herbal tea or fruitdrink.

This procedure is repeated from one to two times, depending on your physical condition.
It is possible to buy the natural products made by Francesca using medicinal plants cultivated by her.

We also have Color Therapy! It involves using the energy of electromagnetic waves of light within a specific wavelength, penetrates the tissues while enabling interaction with the cells, restoring the electrical and chemical balance by improving the cellular homeostasis biological functions.

Free sauna, bathrobes and towels for a fee.