Valle di Ledro

Tepid and in flower in the summer, quiet in spring, colourful in fall, dozing under the white snow in winter, this is Valle di Ledro and its nature.

Lake Ledro is between Lake Garda and Lake Idro and is one of the cleanest of Trentino, with clear water, which reflects the green of the woods.

Valle di Ledro with its proposals is able to meet all the expectations. A holiday in Valle di Ledro is a unique opportunity for sports enthusiasts who intent to spend an active holiday in close contact with nature, with its colors, rhythms and smells.

The Pile-Dwellings!

The first inhabitants are those of the pile-dwellings. In 1929 the remains of a village from the Bronze Age have been found: more than 10000 piles and several artefacts of clay, stone, bronze and bones came to light and are now in the close-by Museum.


Canyoning is a new sport which consists in the descent of waterfalls and gorges: a full In the Ledro valley there are two torrents, where you can do it and both are in the Ampola valley: Torrente Palvico and Rio Nero.immersion in the most hidden nature. Several agencies organize daily tours, and provide you all the equipment.




If you want to try paragliding, you can choose between tandem paragliding with an expert guide or attend one of the several courses, that are organized in Valle di Ledro.




Lake Ledro is one of the most beautiful and cleanest in the Trentino Region. Along his shores there are the beaches of "Besta", Pùr, Pieve and Mezzolago, equipped with various facilities for swimming: at some of them you can hire catamarans, sailboats, canoes and pedal boats. What's better than swimming in the middle of nature relaxing your body and soul immersed in the peace and tranquillity recharging your batteries?!

Mountain bike

Several routes passable by mountain bikes across Valle di Ledro for those who want to try this sport. You can choose very easy and accessible routes or more critical and difficult paths that put a strain on the endurance of those who want to challenge themselves. Maybe this is the secret of the success of an increasingly practical and popular sport that allows you to leave behind, at least for a magical moment, the noise and stress of traffic, daring to venture into paths along steep climbs or down breathtaking descents, totally immersed in a unique natural environment: meadows, forests, streams gently down the lake.


When you decide to tackle a hike in the Valle di Ledro there will be spoiled for choice: the vast mountain region that spans the valley reserve an infinite variety of alternatives. You can take simple stroll along the paths of the valley and around Lake Ledro or practice exciting trekking: available to our guests, there are maps, detailed plans and of course our advice


Lake Ledro is rich in fish like fario trouts, rainbow trouts, marmorata trouts, perches, carps, tenches, pikes and whitefishes.

You can easily buy the permits for fishing in Lake Ledro by the Tourist Information Office in Pieve di Ledro or in other shops or cafés. Regular permission and local law information are needed for those who wants to fish in Lake Ledro.

The permit costs

  • One day: € 8,00
  • Pone week: € 20,00
  • CHILDREN: until 14 years old they can only fish with an adult who has a licence. Over 14 years old, those without a fishing licence have to buy a turistic licence in the offices.
  • CARP FISHING: is allowed with regular permit during the night from 1 July to 30 September.
  • For more information and to purchase the permit:


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Rooms and breakfast Cà Mea Dina Rooms and breakfast Cà Mea Dina

Where we are

A holiday in Valle di Ledro is an unmissable event for sports lovers
who intend to spend a active holiday in close contact with nature.
We are in an ideal position,
in the historic center of Bezzecca but only 2 km from Lake Ledro, in via Tovi, 12 - Fraz. Bezzecca.

Rooms and breakfast Cà Mea Dina
Rooms and breakfast Cà Mea Dina