Relax e Wellness

Physiotherm sauna sanitized according to current regulations, booking obligation and entry allow only for one person / couple at a time.

Wellness area, the ideal place to recharge yourself with new energy

The best heat for your health!

Possible thanks to the Physiotherm principle. The Physiotherm principle, thanks to the innovative approaches of infrared technology, acts as a particularly gentle, effective and safe heat treatment. The two most important components are the ceramic lamps filled with lava sand and the low temperature infrared technique.

Our natural herbs

With our herbs we create natural products that you can buy for yourself. We produce creams, herbal teas, ointments, St. John's wort oil and arnica oil.

Vaporizations with natural aromas

They awaken the metabolism, help the detoxification process and, at the same time, heal the skin and respiratory tract. Take a shower and dry thoroughly before entering the sauna Inside, don't forget to always sit down on a towel A session of 10 - 15 minutes sweating beneficially Take a revitalizing shower, jet shower or side jet shower Rest and relaxation by consuming infusions, herbal teas or fruit juices


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Rooms and breakfast Cà Mea Dina Rooms and breakfast Cà Mea Dina

Where we are

A holiday in Valle di Ledro is an unmissable event for sports lovers
who intend to spend a active holiday in close contact with nature.
We are in an ideal position,
in the historic center of Bezzecca but only 2 km from Lake Ledro, in via Tovi, 12 - Fraz. Bezzecca.

Rooms and breakfast Cà Mea Dina
Rooms and breakfast Cà Mea Dina